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The Resort has separate Dining Hall where traditional Rajasthani Cuisines are served.

Restaurant View at Rawla


Barbecue Serivce

Barbecue Serivce


Full Grill Goat & Barbecue

Authentic Cuisines:
The Resort Rawla serves authentic Rajasthani Cuisines : bread of wheat or millet with or without butter, dal(Lintel), green vegetables, 'Gatta' ( based on gram flour), 'Sangri' ( fruits of Prosopis cineraria, the State Tree of Rajasthan), mixed with 'Kair' (a wild fruit of the desert), potato (boiled or fried with cumin and gravy), rice ( boiled or fried ) are sheer examples. Soup ( of lintel, sweet corn or tomato ) as the starter with papad, and tea/ coffee towards the end with indigenous are as per taste. A non-vegetarian dish is equally possible, in traditional Rajasthani 'sula' style or fried in gravy continental and Chinese dished are as per choice.

Lunch At Rawla

Breakfast Served Outside Rawla Restaurant


Juice, toast, butter/jam, Egg on order, and if desired even 'parantha' with Curd, tea / coffee. ( American / Indian Breakfast)

Note - Time : Breakfast served upto 10 A.M.


Breakfast Served at Rawla Restaurant

Traditional Dinner at Rawla sand dune with Traditional Dance.

Traditional Dinner Service at Rawla Sand dune


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